As a female in ministry, do you feel alone?

Do you struggle to balance your ministry responsibilities with your home life?

Are you often overwhelmed, longing for someone who understands your specific challenges?

Being called to ministry is a special privilege, but it can also be a lonely place, especially for women.

Add to it: ministry overwhelm, stressful situations, and church changes can all feel like burdens too big to handle on your own.

The good news: You don’t have to do this alone.

You’ve been called to more.

Ministry Chick by Melissa Mashburn

Ministry Chick will show you how to serve and lead from a place of abundance.

Thrive in Ministry

Ministry Chick by Melissa Mashburn

Ministry Chick is your personal guide to finding your community, owning your leadership, and taking your next step in ministry leadership. This is your essential guide of what to expect when you’re a woman in the ministry.

Ministry Chick will help you:

  • Overcome specific challenges as a female leader in ministry
  • Lead with strength, dignity, and character
  • Balance family life while working in the ministry full time
  • Serve well while finding your community
  • Find mentors who will come alongside you in your career
  • Implement practical steps as you follow God’s plan

Grow into the ministry leader God has called you to be.

Your Personal Ministry Coach

As a ministry leader with over twenty years serving the local church, Melissa Mashburn understands what it’s like to balance the calling of ministry with the challenges.

If you’ve served as a woman in ministry leadership, you know the journey is not always easy. Melissa Mashburn has served in the local church in just about every role and is ready to offer encouragement and hope for women in ministry.

Melissa’s prayer is that Ministry Chick will empower women in ministry, encourage their hearts, and equip every woman for ministry impact.

Melissa Mashburn, Author

Written by women in ministry for women in ministry

Ministry Chick tackles topics such as:

Ministry Chick will equip you for leadership and affirm God’s call to this season of your life and ministry.

We need your ministry gifts, skills, and leadership now more than ever.

This is your chance to lead with intention and purpose as you faithfully serve. 
Dive into Ministry Chick and gain the support and encouragement you need to excel in ministry leadership.

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