Red Ribbon Day!!!

Wednesday was RED RIBBON DAY at my oldest son’s school. He asked if he could wear ALL Red and then proceeded to ask if he could be “ALL RED!”. What’s a mom to do…so I ran out to two stores to find Red spray paint for his Nike shoes, Red Hairspray for his “do”, and Red body paint to get the “Red Man” look.

I am not sure if he won any awards that day, but seeing him “come out of his shell” and really express some school spirit (which is rare for a Middle Schooler) really touched my heart. So…here I am, a day later STILL wiping RED body paint off my truck, off his lunchbox, off his back pack, and probably in some places here and there that I don’t even know about. But…what the heck…it was fun, and check out this awesome pic of BOTH my awesome boys!

I LOVE being a Mom!!!