Christmas Party Competition

There’s nothing the gets the blood pumpin’ like a competition!!! And…the staff at Flamingo Road Church is extremely competitive!!!

This past week we had our Staff Christmas Party/Teaching/Competition/Campus review/etc. all in one day! I am sure people would have paid BIG MONEY to watch all of us go on a scavenger hunt throughout Cooper City, Sunrise, and the Sawgrass Mills Mall. Let’s just say it was…SCARY! 😉

I had the priveledge of being a team leader (or as Pastor Troy called us…SANTA). We were TEAM PRANCER…and let’s just say we didn’t sit still long! If I look scared in the picture it’s because the stool I was leaning on was “cushy” and I was expecting it to be hard. Yikes…I almost went down right at the beginning of the competition!

Unfortunately TEAM PRANCER didn’t win the overall prize, but we did get a chance to work with and hang with people that we don’t normally hang with. All in all it was a GREAT DAY! It is such a blessing to LOVE the people you serve with, work with, and do life with! FRC ROCKS!