The Joy of the Lord is MY strength

Man, what is it about getting away for a little “R&R” that seems to put things back into perspective. Seriously…is it getting away from the house? From work? From your friends? From your everyday?

I am sitting on the deck of our vacation resort watching the people make the trek out to the beach to get ready for a “day of fun in the sun!” I have my cup of coffee (now I am only drinking DECAF – 2 weeks straight), my daily devotional (Daily Steps for God Chicks) and my NLT Bible.

Today’s devo was based off James 1:2-4 (quick summary – consider it joy when you face trials…) and in the devo that Holly Wagner wrote she talked about “the Joy of the Lord is your strength”…which made me chuckle because one of the BEST preschool volunteers in the world (BW – you know who you are) is always randomly calling my cell phone and leaving me some amazingly inspirational message directed towards myself, including scripture and she ALWAYS ends the message with…”Melissa, the joy of the Lord is YOUR strength!”. Well…here I am in Ft. Myers Beach and guess what…BW left me that same message yesterday!!! Wow…I just totally love it when people submit to the Holy Spirit and do what He asks you to do, and with BW she always listens and calls me at just the right time.

This break is just what the Great Physician ordered, and as of right now, I am going to slow down, drink my coffee, and rest in the fact that the Joy of the Lord is My Strength!

Enjoy your God filled day…Melissa