Don’t Worry Be Happy! ;)

Happiness – n: characterized by cheerfulness; willingness

What is happiness to you? Is happy defined by when you get a new job? Get a new car? Get a new house? Or is it when you first got married? When you first had kids? When you first fell in love?

I read somewhere that your happiness doesn’t depend on your circumstances changing but on how you change the way you see your circumstances…re-read that and let it sink in….happiness is a choice and you get to decide how you choose to see things (Melissa Mashburn”ism”).

Really…think about all the times that you thought you would be happy? Say to yourself…I will be happy when ___________________…and you fill in the blank. Can I ask you a question…What are you waiting for??? Or better yet…How could my circumstances change just by the way I choose to see my happiness?

Seriously…as we get ready to begin 2007 I would like to challenge you to sit down with your Bible, your notepad, and ask God to show you to see happiness as a choice…not as something that just happens. I truly believe that we ALL have the capacity to be happy, not giddy and silly happy, but truly happy and content with the life that God has given us…and if we can’t then WE need to change something about it…either 1) the way we see happiness, 2) change our circumstances, or 3) change the amount of time we spend with God so we can figure it out with Him…either way, it’s your choice!