The boys are HOME!!!

Oh my goodness!!! My boys are finally HOME!!! They have been away for Winter Break and finally came home yesterday! I totally LOVE being their mom and couldn’t wait to have them back.

After 9 Christmas services here at our Cooper City campus, and Bailey sang and danced in ALL of them, they were ready to get away for 8 days to the country with their grandparents. Can’t blame them…anything to get out of the South Florida heat for a little bit and back up to the country where the weather is cooler, the leaves are gone, and the rest of the family is.

When they pulled into the driveway it was just like a HALLMARK movie…the doors flew open and both boys charged after me and we hugged for what seemed like forever…there is nothing like it.

If you are a mom, count it all to joy, because it truly is a blessing to be given the title MOM!!! Wear it proud, you have earned it! Us moms are raising the next generation for Christ…so take up that title and wear it with honor ladies!