Do you ever go gor a walk? No, I don’t mean can you walk? I mean, do you ever make a conscious effort to go outside (foreign word to some I know) and take a walk?

Since my kids were little (about 6 months) my husband Matt & I have always enjoyed going for a walk. We walked when we lived in an apartment in Plantation, we walked when we moved into our first house in Davie, and we are still walking now in Cooper City.

For us it is a GREAT time to get away from our laptops, cell phones (ok…I don’t bring mine, but Matt ALWAYS brings his), and other distractions. We used to spend an hour out on our walk, now we don’t spend as much time, but over the last four days we have gone out EVERY night and walked. It is such an awesome time for us to connect, to unwind, to exercise, to talk (ok…I do MOST of the talking, but hey…that’s how God made me, right?), and just be a couple.

What a joy it is to know that I have someone who will listen, who will walk, who will guide me, and who will always care…yes, Matt does all that, but more importantly, so does God! If you don’t have a husband, significant other, boyfriend, best friend, you name it…you have and will always have God to walk with you. Don’t ever forget that…