Sawgrass Mills + Movies + INDY Car Races + Beach = One Long Weekend!

WOW!!! This weekend was an amazing opportunity for my family and I to step back and take a break from church and just spend time enjoying each other’s company. I think we may have gone “over board” with activites, but we had so much fun with each thing we did.

We picked the kids up from school on Friday and headed straight to SAWGRASS MILLS MALL (I picked that one can you tell?)…where we shopped, ate dinner, and then went to our first ever family PG-13 movie. (Can I just tell you that the previews in PG-13 movies are a WHOLE lot different than the previews in a PG movie! Whoa!) Anyways we let the kids pick and we saw “GhostRider”…I am not much into scary movies (as a matter of fact I don’t like them…I am a great big chicken!), but this movie wasn’t too bad. There were many times though that I covered Bailey’s face and ears (didn’t want the poor kid to have nightmares!)

Then on Saturday night we had tickets to the XM Radio INDY car races down at Homestead. I was not too excited about this outing, but when you have three boys (two kids and a husband) you sometimes have to go with the group. It rained on and off, but the race was the first ever INDY race at night and it was pretty cool. Matt actually rented one of those CB things and it was neat to listen in on what the drivers were talking about. (It was brutal for my hair too, but it was so windy that the hair was already everywhere, so I figured why not?).

Sunday morning we slept in (which never happens when dad is a Pastor and mom works at the church too) and then headed out to the BEACH for awhile. We didn’t stay for half the day, but we were there for a good two hours. The kids loved it, Matt & I got a chance to talk, and God really opened my eyes to a few things for me. All in all I would say that it was an AWESOME weekend! We missed our friends at Flamingo Road Church, but we know that God honored our time away as well. Thanks to the Preschool Ministry team (especially the Leadership Team) who took the reins and ran with it this weekend…you guys ROCK!