Easter Weekend is Here!

Last night, Friday 4/6, we started our EASTER services at Flamingo Road Church. I have to tell you that there was some awesome energy, a buzz, in the lobby, in the auditorium, and all around campus. You could tell that we are on the beginning of something amazing about to happen.

Today we have three more services, 3pm, 5pm, & 7pm today and I can’t wait to see what God does in the lives of everyone who is coming. The weather is South Florida is absolutely AMAZING…it’s almost as if there is an awakening…a spiritual renewal of sorts happening all around us…I just LOVE it!

Tomorrow morning is Easter morning…and not only is it cool that it is Easter, and that Jesus rose again, but my sister will be getting baptized in our first Easter Beach Baptism. As of right now we have something like 380 people signed up for our sunrise baptism on the beach…how stinkin’ cool is that!!! (We will be doing our Beach Baptism down at Dania Beach by the pier if you want to meet us out there at 6:30am Sunday morning)

I stand in awe sometimes at just how great our God is…I would love to see you join us at church this weekend…Flamingo Road Church has an awesome web site that you can check out for a location closest to you, and if you aren’t in the South Florida area, you are still in luck becuase we have a kickin’ internet campus that you can watch as well. Check it out at http://www.flamingoroadchurch.com to see which campus is closest to you, and to find out all the service times…

Easter is a great weekend…and it is a gift to you from Him…enjoy it! 😉 Melissa