Beach Baptism

Flamingo Road Church is having an amazing day at the beach THIS SUNDAY, June 10th. We have over 150 people signed up to get dunked down at the Ft. Lauderdale Beach (by the Yankee Clipper) and we will be having a BBQ from 2-8pm. We are having TWO baptism times…3pm and 7pm. Grab your family, get your food tickets ($5/per person), and meet us down there for a great day at the beach!

If you haven’t been baptized yet, there is still time to sign up on Satuday night at church, OR meet us down there and we can register you on the spot.

If you have already been baptized, then join us for the celebration! We could use your bright smiling faces at the food tent, as a greeter, at the registration tents, or at the information tent.

Whatever you are doing on Sunday if you come down there with us I am SURE that you will be blessed and have a great time! I can’t wait to see you there!

PS – Thanks for praying for my headache…I can tell that you have because it is a million times better…not completely gone, but way better! Your prayers are appreciated!