Still Dreaming…

I LOVE this picture of a little girl with a book of DREAMS! It seems so simple and so sweet…it is also a great reminder of the childlike faith that is needed to really reach out and take time to DREAM.

A friend of mine, Anne A, sent me this great link on You Tube about a guy named Paul Potts from Britians Got Talent and it was his audition video. Check it out at and see what happens when a normal person takes the time to really go after their DREAM! It is out of this world…I ended up watching 3 You Tube videos on him to see what happens next.

That’s the cool part about our DREAMS…they are OURS…they are custom fit just for you and me. They may not make sense to some people, they might not even sound exciting to others, but God gave that DREAM to YOU, not anyone else…and the neat thing is that He has given you every gift and talent you will need to reach out and grab your DREAM!

I really pray that you have taken some time over the last couple days to s-l-o-w down enough to really sit, think, and ask God what HE has planned for you….and when you do ask Him, ask Him to send it in your DREAMS!

Dream on…Melissa