Day #3 – Grand Canyon – Part 2

Here we go…yesterday we slept in a bit and then headed back up to the Grand Canyon. Our goal was to wander around, see a few more cool sites, and then watch the sun set in the canyon…the key word in this paragraph was…”our goal”…apparently God had another plan.

Picture #1 – Here is a photo that I took at Mather Point…it is one of the great places to get a fantastic view of the canyon. This was our 2nd stop of our Grand Canyon outing yesterday!

Picture #2 – We noticed that there are A LOT of these “DANGER” signs around the canyon. Apparently 30 people a year fall into the canyon…scary!
Picture #3 – Well…wouldn’t you know…our day at the canyon included a 1 1/2 hour visit to the clinic in the canyon. Nick fell at Mather Point (see picture #1). Thank God he fell going up instead of going down or near the ledge.

5 Stitches later and a whole bunch of supplies to keep it clean we left the clinic and ran out to the nearest shuttle bus so we could watch the sunset. We barely made it before the sun disappeared on the edge of the canyon, but it was worth it. When we jumped on the last shuttle bus to get to our car we were tired, frustrated, and starving.

Basically we were grumpy…and for good reason…it seemed like our day was a waste…all we wanted to do was to see the canyon, enjoy the majesty of God’s creation, and have some family time. Instead, we ran around chasing our tails, ended up in the clinic, watched Nick get stitches (poor kid…he has been through enough for 20 people already), and now we wanted to just get in the car and get out of there…fast!

You want to know what happened when we got on that last shuttle…the shuttle driver waited on us (which is a first in the canyon), there was plenty of room for us (all the other shuttles have been like packed sardines), and then the cherry on top was the bus was filled with people singing…GUESS WHAT they were singing….”Jesus Loves Me“, and they did it in rounds, with the ladies singing a hallelujah chorus in the background…OH MY STARS…talk about grace…talk about God meeting us right where we were…it was almost like HE sent us to THAT bus, at THAT time, to hear that HE has been with us ALL DAY, through all of it, and that in whatever we went through the main thing we need to remember is this…JESUS LOVES ME!!!
How Great is Our God???