Day #7 – Las Vegas Hilton & Stratosphere

Today we had a long morning meeting…which was very helpful and productive. We came and picked up the kids and headed over to the Las Vegas Hilton (the kids said their sign looks like a great big bunch of French Fries) to have lunch. While we were there Matt had his picture taken with a BIG ole Klingon (that’s for all you trekkies out there). Check out Matt’s Blog to see the picture at
After lunch we headed over to the Stratosphere for a very nerve wrecking afternoon. As a mom, there is nothing scarier than going up 112 stories, standing in the Las Vegas heat, and knowing that in a few minutes your kids will be riding some EXTREME rides. Uck! I started getting nervous, sick to my stomach, and all around yucky thinking about it.

We had agreed to let the kids ride the X-Scream…(see pic below)…and the Big Shot…it shoots them up 160 feet straight up in the air at 45 miles per hour, and it is 921 ft above the Las Vegas Strip (did I say that I was getting sick at this point?).

We are in for the night…it is 6pm here in Vegas and we have LOTS of packing to do to get ready for our flight at the crack of dawn tomorrow. Please pray for us…we are tired, worn out, Bailey is getting sick, Nick’s stitches are itching and bothering him a bit, and we have to get up at like 3:30am, and we have another 35 minute layover (what were we thinking?).

Your prayers carried us through the flights out here and I KNOW they will make a difference tomorrow. Thanks for all your love, support, and prayers…The Mashburn Family!