Prayer, Prepare, Partner

Ok…this past week has been extremely stressful and hectic. Not in the typical stress way…in the way that something BIG is about ready to happen. You know that there is a fine line in the word perserverance…it is not giving up (quitting) before you get to the end…I also know that when you start to get close to the end that is when it starts to get crazy.

Wait…none of this makes sense, or does it? This weekend we are having our first Host Home Training Session (there are three this weekend) where we will sit down with everyone who has signed up to be Host Home Leaders for the My Naked Pastor series we are doing at Flamingo Road Church. Needless to say, this is BIG…this is us getting into the home stretch for the kick off of this amazing series. I shouldn’t be surprised when troubles and trials start to show up…should I? I mean…how many times in the Bible does it say, “WHEN” trials and troubles come your way…is that a warning or what…it WILL come and you do need to be prepared.

So, what do you do when trials and troubles come your way…well…for me it goes back to three simple things…1) Prayer, 2) Prepare, and 3) Partner.
1) Prayer…everything you do should be bathed in prayer…given to God and placed at His feet.
2) Prepare…the only thing I can do is to get everything ready on my part and wait for God to show up.
3) Partner…with my team, with my church, with the community that God has placed around me.

What do you do when you have a BIG project right around the corner…how do you get ready?