One Tweet Really Can Make a Difference!!!

Once upon a time some seven months ago there was a tweet. A prayer request for a mother and a grandmother. Did the individual know that it would inspire a ministry that is soon to be an organization. Did Melissa Mashburn or mels_world know when she posted it; it would create a total vision for a new ministry. Now over sixty team members later that tweet has taken the shape of a vision. Yes, one tweet, one prayer request inspired the creation and formation of World Prayr Ministries. Today Melissa shares the story behind that tweet and prayer request. We are so blessed to share her story, we encourage you to take time to read, follow Melissa on Twitter and read her blog. The woman behind the reason for that prayer request encloses a special note.

We thank the Mashburns for that tweet and for inspiring a ministry unto God.


It’s a funny thing to think that something as simple as a single solitary tweet on Twitter can make such a difference. I don’t even remember what day it was, but I remember that it was one of the hardest days of my life. I was out with my kids for our weekly Chiropractic appointment when I got a phone call that would forever change the way I look at my family.

I’d always known that I was blessed with an incredible family. I have even been blessed with an equally incredible family in love (law just doesn’t equate to the love of my husband’s family). Unfortunately life happens and I lost focus on the fact that the family is such a great gift. Not any longer. That day when I got the phone call is was from my mom, and normally I would let it go to voicemail until I was in a place where I could talk, but this time my mom called me three times in a row, and I knew that something must be wrong.


For the rest of the story head on over to the World Prayr Ministries blog. While you are there check out what God is doing in this brand new ministry and encourage them while you visit…your comments make a blessed difference!

Thank you to the World Prayr Ministries team for allowing me to share my story & heart, it is an honor to be on the team with you! ~ Melissa

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