Then Sings My Soul ~ Dreamer

Welcome Back to Then Sings My Soul Saturday’s here in Mel’s World!

This is where you can celebrate and showcase great music that touches your heart and inspires your soul! This week I’ve picked a great little song by Bethany Dillon called “Dreamer“. I’m a big time dreamer and love watching God do all the things that people say just can’t be done!

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Lyrics for Dreamer by Bethany Dillon

Love woke me up this morning
With a memory
Love came and whispered a story
That awakened a dream

Imagine a beautiful castle
And a beautiful king
He left the comfort of his throne
To fight for victory

I am a dreamer
Take me higher
Open the sky up
Start a fire
I believe
Even if it’s just a dream

Love woke me up this morning
And I ran to see
The king in the winners’ circle
On the horse he won for me

Only a king would do anything
To protect the kingdom

Seeking JOY on the Journey,

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