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We Need Passionate People
By: Claire McLean
Passionate people make a difference because they pour their energy and resources and time into what they are passionate about. Passionate people change the world they live in in tangible ways and in the intangible invisible ways they affect the hearts of those observing them.

Wesley said “when you are on fire for God people will come for miles to see you burn.” God is passionate about seeing the lost come to Him for salvation, healing and freedom – for people to be transformed into children of God – and He does this through His children – through us, Christians. 

He calls us to shine and declare through our lives that He is great, glorious and good – that He is able and mighty to save, that He is real and worthy. As we live for him we draw others to his life.

God is worth being passionate about. David said “one thing do I desire, one thing am I passionate about… to know God and see Him in His beauty, to see Him as he truly is” (Psalm 27:4 – my paraphrase). He didn’t just say the words he lived the life that practiced this. 

Relationship with God takes decision – yes it is all by grace but as a child of God we make the decisions to say “yes” to God to obey and serve Him. We decide to make God a priority and to seek Him, thus allowing Him to transform us and shine through us. Saying yes to God and obeying Him shows we love Him. It leads to not a mediocre gray life but a life rich in adventure and joy.

We need to be people who passionately pursue our Creator and Saviour; people who are prepared to press on and resist the opposition from the inside and the outside.

Don’t be afraid to be different. 

Don’t be afraid to live giving your all. 
Don’t be afraid to be passionate. 
God delights in the passion you display for him. He loves the enthusiasm you worship Him with. He loves the private dedication of your study, the disciplines of reading His word and seeking His ways. These things please God. These things open wide the doors of our heart for God to move and transform us. They allow God to shine in an even greater measure to those around us.

God doesn’t want us to demonstrate Him in shades of gray. God is glorious and wonderful. We should live lives that reflect His greatness and His grace. We should wholeheartedly seek to know Him and make Him known. 

Today, make the choice to be on fire for God, to pursue Him passionately, whatever the cost. The prize is knowing Him intimately and the fruit is the accurate expression and representation of our awesome God. 

Be part of changing this world and making a difference. 
It is what God has created you for…

Who am I?

I live my life to know God and make Him known.  Everything I do is in some way an expression of that.  I have been married 9 years and have 2 spunky kids, age 7 and 4 who provide plenty of adventure for our lives.  I’m blessed to be part of a fabulous church in Auckland, New Zealand, where I’m involved in young adult ministry, Mainly Music (community outreach preschool song and movement group), and edit/format/write for our quarterly magazine.  I love LOST, preaching and living life loud!  You can find Claire at her Blog, One Passion One Devotion.

Thank you so much Claire for sharing with us today!  I absolutely LOVE that…we DO need Passionate People and you certainly are one yourself!
Have you ever considered being a part of the Godly Gals series?  If you have ever let the thought cross your mind, then take a minute to send me an email at melsworldministry {at} gmail {dot} com for a copy of the submission guidelines.  Take a look at them then pray about what God is trying to show you to share with us. 

It might just be the biggest blessing to someone you don’t even know…and maybe even you!

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