Godly Gals ~ Karyn Brownlee

The Push
By: Karyn Brownlee

“Dear God, please show me exactly who needs this $100. Make it plain, Lord. Make it easy.”

When my name was drawn as the chosen “giver of the month” – to give away the money our ladies had collected – I knew without a doubt the Spirit would guide me to the right person in need. After all, this is what Jesus did. He healed people along His way as He walked through life in perfect accord with the Spirit of God. 

So I set out to follow Jesus’ example and the Spirit’s lead, knowing He would reveal to me very clearly who should receive our little pot of gold. But for weeks I walked with no word. I saw many people, but learned of no impending need.

One such person I noticed along my way was Rosalyn. She always wore a smile. Knowing her line of work, I knew she likely had financial need. So I asked God to open the door of communication, to make it easy for me to discern her need and bless her life with the money I had kept hidden in the bottom of my purse.

But nothing happened. Nothing was said to confirm her need; no easy conversation paved way for the surprise gift.

She was busy about her work, and with many people around, there was hardly opportunity to move beyond small talk.

“God, does this mean she is not the one?” I asked.

“No, child, she is the one. I cracked open the door so you would see her and love her.”

“But God, the door isn’t wide enough to walk through. Isn’t that a sign I should not enter?”

“No, you must open it wider. Meeting needs is not always easy, child. You want things easy so it’s comfortable for you. Oftentimes you desire your comfort more than comforting others.”

 “But God, there is no request. I don’t even know if she has need.”

“I know she has need. She has need for Me. But she is like many others who do not know their need, much less how to express it. You must learn to recognize their hurting, and go to them with My healing.”

 “But God, this looks and feels awkward. If this is ordained, shouldn’t it be ordered?”

“What do you call ordered? Is it not simply that which I have ordained? Must I order things in a way that is within your understanding and comfort? My ways are higher than your ways, and my thoughts higher than your thoughts. You must learn how to trust in Me for the view you cannot see and the strength you do not have. Push on the door that I cracked open. I will help you.”

Almost immediately, the crowd left, as did my excuses. So in His strength, I stepped out in faith, and asked Rosalyn about her life and her belief in God. Her words quickly confirmed she had a financial need and, more importantly, a spiritual one.

God cracked open a door that day so He could lavish Himself upon not just one, but two impoverished women – one in need of His love, and the other, His strength.

*If you’d like to start a giving group like ours, please email me for information at Karyn@BrighterWalk.com.
Karyn Brownlee is a Christian communicator on a mission to educate and encourage believers to embrace a progressive faith walk – one that continually and intentionally grows in the knowledge of God’s truth, the joy of His presence, and the reflection of His glory. Her desire is to see self-proclaimed Christians walk as believing, influential disciples amidst our unbelieving, captivating culture. Bright and engaging, Karyn is an experienced retreat speaker and Bible teacher, who relates God’s Word to real life. As a contributing writer for EverydayChristian.com, Karyn examines the day’s headlines from a conservative, biblical perspective. She also regularly shares inspirational reflections and cultural commentaries on her own website, BrighterWalk.com.
Thank you so much for sharing with us today Karyn, what a powerful message about listening to His gentle “push”.  I am so thankful that you shared your story…it has already helped me to listen more closely to Him for my own “push”.
What a blessing it is to share with you some truly special Godly Gals these last few months.  I can hardly believe all the incredible women that God has brought to this series and yet I also know that there are more of you still out there thinking about it and wondering if this is something you might want to do too.
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