Ministry Minute ~ Connecting Across Ministries ~ Part 1 (plus Give away)

I’m doing some writing over at the Internet Cafe Devotions now and would love to have you stop over to the NEW Ministry Counter.   
The Ministry Counter is a place to come with a cup of coffee and visit other women in ministry…women’s, children’s, married to a Pastor, you name it…if you are in ministry or married to the ministry, then this is a great place for you to sit back, relax and meet other incredible women in ministry.
Stop by the Ministry Counter every week for new devotions…there are some truly remarkable ladies there at the counter…I count it a HUGE honor to be partnered with each of them!
Connecting Across Ministries:
  • What does that look like?
  • What does that mean?
  • How do you even get started on something like that?
There are so many times when you spend your day (your life) in ministry that you get so caught up and focused on what your ministry is doing or even what your church is doing that you tend to forget that there are so many other people out there doing the same thing as you and sometimes even better.
For years it has been a part of my ministry philosophy to share, connect, and encourage others in ministry.  I like to meet with leaders from other churches or ministries and get to know them.  Figure out how we can mutually help each other, share ideas, dream together, and just have someone to talk with that totally “gets them”.
…Come on over to the Ministry Counter to find out more about Connecting Across Ministries.
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