Godly Gals ~ Julie Arduini

In Jesus’ Name:
Replacing the Defeated One’s Lies with God’s Truth
By: Julie Arduini
Truth be told, my blog isn’t very accurate.  It reads Julie Arduini: The Surrendered Scribe but honestly, I’ll never reach past tense when it comes to my walk with the Lord and surrender.  No matter the surrender topic, it’s a journey and a process.  Seems like each day our Heavenly Father is teaching me more about Him through my own surrender.

Lately the surrender software God is downloading to my heart revolves around words that end in “–ion”.  Since January He’s shared a pair of words that have –ion in common.  The difference in the words is this: one is a lie and the other is God’s truth.  The more I share the words the more I realize how applying Jesus’ name and His truth to my life give me a freedom in Him I couldn’t imagine.

One of the core truths He’s revealed to me is the devil’s true name, the name he doesn’t want you to know.  The devil is the defeated one.  He’s already lost and his recession knows no end.  His resources deplete and he’s on a budget.  With that truth, he uses cheap tricks to distract and discourage.  Here are some of the lies and truth I hope set you free in Christ today:

Intimidation.  The very thing you feel you lack is most likely what the other person is feeling intimidated by you. The truth?  Those thoughts are just our…imagination.  We’re fearfully and wonderfully made.  God doesn’t make junk.  We’re precious in His sight and nothing and no one should make us feel any different.
Confusion.  We’re great multi taskers but we aren’t superheroes.  I can’t find my keys and forget to pay bills.  Sometimes I let those slips bring me down.  It’s the defeated one’s agenda.  God’s plan?  He has confirmation for us.  We’re His.  As Max Lucado writes- if God had a fridge, it’s our picture that He would display. He loves us beyond measure…even on the days we call our kids the dog’s name and the dog our kid’s name.
      Accusation.  The night is supposed to be calm and full of peace, right?  It’s too often a time where we hear whispers and believe them.  We yelled at the kids, we gossiped.  We didn’t tell our husbands how much we spent at the store.  The accusations run like a warped CD.  The more we believe them the more imprisoned we become.  The truth?  Exoneration.   If Jesus is our King of Kings and Lord of Lords, we’re free.  FREE.  Those accusations have zero power.  We have in Jesus’ name as much power in us as He did on Resurrection Day.  We’re on the winning team, so let’s make it a victorious life using His never ending power and resources.
    This is just a glimpse of what God is showing me and it’s transforming.  I pray in these words you feel His amazing love for you.
We use our powerful God-tools for smashing warped philosophies, tearing down barriers erected against the truth of God, fitting every loose thought and emotion and impulse into the structure of life shaped by Christ.  2 Corinthians 10:5 (The Message)

Julie Arduini is a writer and public speaker residing in NE Ohio with her husband and two children. Her writing is included in such works as the Peculiar People release, Delivered and James Stuart Bell’s God Encounters.   Julie is also a marriage channel blogger at Exemplify Online and Adding Zest.  She maintains her website to encourage readers to join her in finding freedom through surrender.  Active newsletter subscribers receive her surrender fiction experiment, Discovering Nancy Struthers.

Wow Julie, what an incredible reminder of who we are in Him! Thank you so much for sharing your -ion’s with us today!
We’re coming up on the ONE YEAR Anniversary of the Godly Gals series and God is preparing this ministry series to go to the next level.  I can’t tell you specifics yet, but I can tell you this…it’s going to be BIG!
I’m also lining up posts for the fall and would love to have you join us on the Godly Gals journey.  I’m looking for “Real Women, Real Life, Real Faith” in action…take some time to pray about joining in on this great adventure!  

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