Ministry Minute ~ Connecting Across Ministries, Part 2

Welcome back to the Ministry Minute, if you or someone you love is in ministry, then this is the place for you to connect, grow and be encouraged by others who serve in ministry too.
Back on July 6th we started talking about Connecting Across Ministries, Part 1 at the Ministry Counter over at Internet Cafe Devotions.  I wanted to take a few minutes to finish out the rest of those thoughts with you.
Connecting Across Ministries: How do you even get started on something like that?
Pray about who God wants you to connect with, who you could learn from, whose ministry you admire, respect and look up to.  Don’t just jump right in and go for the biggest church or ministry in your area. Really take some time and seek His direction in the connection.  It makes ALL the difference.
For me, here’s what I do;
  • Pick up the phone and call…no really, I do!
  • Send them an email introducing myself.
  • Ask a friend or ministry partner that knows them to introduce me.
Stop on by the Ministry Counter to finish “Connecting Across Ministries, Part 2“…I’d love to hear some of your ideas too!

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