We’re going to Women of Faith Ft. Lauderdale…

I’m so excited I can hardly stand it…we are about 7 weeks away from one of my all time favorite things to do with a group of girls…WOMEN OF FAITH!
I’ve gone with a group every year since 2003 and can’t imagine any other way to go!  

We laugh together, cry together and share the JOY of this journey together.  This year we’re going BIG here in Mel’s World and I’ve saved 50 tickets for our group!
Did you hear that??? 50 TICKETS!
I know what a life changing event this can be and with so many things going on in our world right now that are weighing heavily on our hearts, backs and minds but what better way to put it all back into perspective than to get out for a couple of days with “the girls” while you get your focus back on Him.

It’s Friday October 29th and Saturday October 30th…Two Days (info on each day here) including lunch both days for $89girls, you can’t beat that!  The great thing is this…not only is this a great deal, but going with a group of your girlfriends makes the experience that.much.richer!
Right now you can go online to our group website and purchase your tickets to join us with cash, check or debit card, but don’t wait…over half the tickets are gone!
If you are in the South Florida area and want to join us, then we’d love to have you as part of our crew, don’t forget to click HERE to register with our group!  Pray about asking your friends, family members or even neighbors to join us.  One things for sure…you will walk away changed from being there!

Hey, if you aren’t in the South Florida area but still want group tickets to go to a Women of Faith or Revolve event in your area (check here for a list of locations/dates) then send me an email, I have a great friend who works with Women of Faith that will help get you set up!

Either way it’s going to be a great adventure…hope to see you there!

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