The Just Be Real Girl

For years I wore the mask.
I hid behind it.
I carried it around like a badge of honor.
The mask that covers up
how you really feel,
how you really care,
how you really are.
People would walk by and ask, “How are you?” and the answer was always “Good” or “Great,” while I was secretly wanting to throw it all out there, share the hurts, the pain, the disappointments. But it wasn’t that easy.
I’m a Pastor’s Wife
and on staff at church as the Kids Director.
I’m supposed to be happy,
joyful and
full of His love all the time,

Or so I always thought. In all honesty I am just like everyone else…real hurts, real pain and real disappointments.  But I wasn’t free to share those things, so I hid behind the mask that “everything is good,” while begging someone, anyone, to see that there was something more behind that trite reply.

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share your heart and 
take off your mask with me! 

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