Family First Friday ~ Highest Calling

This past week something has really been laying heavily on my heart that I wanted to share with you.  I’m sure it has lots to do with an on-going discussion I’ve been having this week with an incredible group of ladies.
I wanted to share it with you and pray it blesses and encourages you too!
I’m sure at times you have felt it to, but…
we let the busyness of life take over,
the piles of laundry to distract us,
the bills that need to be paid frustrate us,
the dinners that need to be made aggravate us,
the car lines to make us crazy,
and all the other stuff that goes along with being a mom to get in the way,
of the most important thing…
our Family!
It doesn’t matter what ministry I run, how many events I speak at, articles I write, books I author, or anything else that I do, because truly the highest calling I have is being wife to Matt and mom to Nick and Bailey.
The same goes for you!
Don’t forget to stop and put family first on your priority list.
Yes, those other things have to get done, 
yes, they are important, 
yes, they make a difference,
our greatest and highest calling waits for us,
each and every day, 
and that’s our family!
Take some time this weekend to show your family just how incredibly important they are in your life.  
Pray for them,
love on them,
cherish them,
and put them first!
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