The Homemaker’s Challenge ~ Cupcake Edition

Anyone who knows me, I mean really knows me, knows that as much as I love being a mom and wife I really don’t love the whole domestic goddess thing.  As a matter of fact if my husband was reading this right now you could probably hear him laughing wherever you live.
I try, I really do, but it’s just not my gift, so when I saw this Homemaker’s Challenge from my friend Amy Bayliss I was like, no way, this is so NOT for me.  I emailed her and told her it was a great idea and all but I would have to decline.
Little did I know that this woman really knows how to convince you to do the very thing I was planning to run from.  She had a point…this could be the very thing to help me embrace all things domestic and hey, I am not one to back down from a challenge, so here I am…in the Homemaker’s Challenge!  No chuckling…I can hear you!

Every good challenge or competition starts with a creative meet and greet. Take something unlike you and make it reflect who you are. We are going to do that too: with cupcakes. Oh come on! You knew we had to start this way, didn’t you? :)

Your Homemaker’s Challenge is to create a cupcake, or your interpretation of it, that tells us about who you are. Get creative. Think of your hobbies, heritage, looks, tastes, or think outside the cupcake wrapper and make a cupcake out of something other than cake. It is totally up to you but we must get a glimpse of who you are through your cupcake.

My cupcake was actually a group project!  I have been out of town this past week at my dear friend and ministry partner’s house, Sue Cramer from Praise and Coffee.  I told her about the challenge, hey wait…I think she laughed too, then we proceeded to work on this together.  She did all the mixing and baking and I did all the decorating and staging.
The cupcake actually does say a lot about me; 
  • It’s a simple yellow cake mix with chocolate frosting.  
  • This is my favorite cake mix, simple, classic, always yummy!  
  • I love to work together in community, so having Sue work on this with me made this cupcake even more special!
  • I whipped out her pampered chef icing kit and did a little fancy swirl on top, which is also like me, classic and simple through and through with a little pizazz.  
  • The silver wrapper makes it pop without being crazy and over the top.
  • The star sprinkles on top are full of colors and just make you want to smile, which is what I love to do when I am around other people…lift them up and bring them joy!
  • Of course all things yummy should be served with a nice cup of coffee, which always brings a smile and a great conversation!
There you have it…the Homemaker’s Challenge, Cupcake Edition is officially checked off and completed!  Whew, that wasn’t as bad as I thought, bring it on Amy, I think (maybe) I’m ready for challenge number two!  
If you are interested in participating in the Homemaker’s Challenge, then make sure you head on over today to get involved!  I’d love to see you there!
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