Girlfriend to Many, Best Friend to One

Girlfriend to Many, Best Friend to One

It’s a funny thing, as women we crave community and relationships from other women, but those very same relationships and community can be the very thing that frustrates and overwhelms us.

I’ve thought about this a lot lately and finally come to the conclusion that I am a girlfriend to many, but truly a best friend to only one. I love being around people, I am by nature a people person and recovering people-pleaser, but as I blossom in wisdom (which means I am getting older) and maturity I’ve begun to realize a few things.

As a girlfriend to many I put myself out there a lot, which means I have been bruised and blessed a lot. I have a passion to lead women into relationships with other women and also with their Creator. It’s just part of my DNA, but on the flip side as someone that is a girlfriend to many it is and has been hard for me to have a best friend.

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