Godly Gals ~ Lori MacMath

 The Last Chapter
By: Lori MacMath
A few months ago I was asked to talk to a group of teenagers at a weekly FCA  (Fellowship of Christian Athletes) meeting. I prayed about what God would have me speak about. I was hoping that He would reveal some fantastic God/sports analogy that this former high school athlete could impart to these teens. My plan was that I would share some wise words and we’d all be on our way. He certainly had plans for what I was to share. What He wanted me to share with them was not at all what I had anticipated He would ask of me. It was a message that He had been preparing for years. The time had finally come.

I’d recently finished reading  Shane Claiborne’s, Irresistible Revolution. It had an impact on my life immediately. There was one part in particular that caused me to pause. I paused because it meant so much more to me. In the book, he speaks to the notion of being “spiritually bulimic.” Bulimia, as many of you know is a tragic eating disorder that begins in the soul. It centers and focuses on an idea of perfection. Unlike anorexics, bulimics consume food and bring it back up before it has time to digest. Spiritual bulimics ingest all of that is out there regarding spirituality and God, but never truly digest it. They never allow the “Word” to be digested and used to nourish and fulfill His plans.

Bulimia is part of my testimony. You see, I suffered from both bulimia of the body and bulimia of the spirit.

For much of my high school and college years and then on into my married life, I was bulimic. I hid it from everyone, including my husband, for many years. What I didn’t realize at the time was that I was suffering from the equally tragic, “spiritual bulimia.” I grew up in a Christian home and like many I know, went to church faithfully each and every Sunday, ingesting all that was told to me.  

I ate what was put in front of me week after week. I was a poster child for the “spiritually bulimic.”  I never truly digested this Word, this Life, and this Jesus. I knew what to do, how to act, and I was very good at “throwing back up” the information to family, friends and even to myself. I didn’t recognize the disease within my spirit.

There came a time in my life that God chose to shine a “mega watt” bulb into a very dark part of my life. I was physically and spiritually starving, and it wasn’t until God literally blinded me with one of those “turn the lights off moments,” that I began to see just how dark the darkness really was. There was a time when the light overcame the darkness and all was exposed. It’s never easy to see what has been hiding in the dark.

It became clear that I could not do this on my own.

I knew God was the answer.

I “knew” that.

I simply didn’t “KNOW” God. Sure, I knew about Him, as you do with an acquaintance, but I didn’t know Him as my friend, my Savior, my life.

Right there, right on that road, God met me. 

He met me in the middle of the mess I was inside. He met me in the middle of all of my insecurities and imperfections. He wrapped His arms around me and for the first time in my life, WE began to walk together. We began to walk and battle the bulimia together. For the first time in my life, I began to digest.
We battled the bulimia that plagued my body and the spiritual bulimia that overwhelmed my heart.

God meets us where we are.

He shines a light in those dark places that is blinding. The kind of light that makes you want to pull the covers over your eyes just to make it go away. His light penetrates it. His light casts out the darkness. His light, at times, is painfully bright.

It wasn’t until recently that He showed me the last chapter of this story.

It wasn’t until recently that He revealed how I had been bulimic physically and spiritually. It was time for me to share that story.

He saved that.

He saved it for an encounter with a group of teenagers.

It was time to tell the story. His story, made perfect in my life.
A Little Bit About Lori:
Lori’s mom insists that she came out of the womb ‘talking’ and has not stopped since. Lori however, insists that over the past 42 years she has learned a thing or two about listening as well. Especially, when it is God who is doing the talking.

The smile she wears tells that she is so happy to be on the journey that she is on now. A journey that includes homeschooling 3 children! Lori is the owner of Internet Cafe Devotions, an online daily devotional site for women. She is also involved in several other online ministries. You’ll find her at Exemplify where she is the Moving Toward Holiness columnist. Lori is passionate about helping women apply the teachings of Christ to their modern, busy lives.

Lori is involved in women’s ministries and youth ministry in her church, Vintage 242, a plant church in her community. Along with church ministry, Lori teaches classes at Trinity HomesCool Depot, her homeschool co-op, keeping her continually connected with today’s young people.

Praising HIM every step of the way, she encourages you to enjoy the journey with her at her personal website, All You Have to Give, where she can be found daily, enjoying each and every season to its fullest!

Lori and her family live in Atlanta, Georgia, the deep south where you’ll often find them wandering around without shoes.
Lori is absolutely one of those girls that you meet and instantly wanna be her friend.  She’s kind, she’s funny, she’s super talented and she’s real…a real woman passionately pursing God.  I just love that about her!  Thank you so much sweet friend for sharing your story, better yet, His story, through your words today!
These Godly Gals are just that…REAL Women, REAL Life, REAL faith in action each and everyday and I am so thankful for each and every one of their stories.  They allow His light to shine through their everyday, ordinary lives and that is what makes them Godly Gals!
What about you?
You have a story to share too…I’d love to hear from you, meet you, read your story as well.  If you are interested in sending something in for the Godly Gals series send me an email to melsworldministry {at} gmail {dot} com so I can send you the submission guidelines.
What are you waiting for? 
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