Wrecked from the Writers Conference

(this was right outside my room)
How does that happen?
I should have come back inspired, on fire and ready to rock out about 20 new posts, right?
Yet, what happened was exactly the opposite.
I am not sure what exactly happened while I was at the Ghost Ranch, but I do know this…I’m a complete mess from it, but thankfully, God met me there!
No doubt about it.
While I was there I met some fantastic old friends and some amazing new ones, but more importantly I met God in a new way there.  
 (up near my room there was this beautiful cross)
There wasn’t a moment where the skies opened up and the angels sang or anything, but there was a time when absolutely nothing made sense
When I was terribly homesick (sounds so funny for a 39 year old woman to be that homesick…but I was) and couldn’t think straight.
When I began to doubt what I was doing there or why I belonged there.
When all I wanted to do was run.
From what…I don’t know,
but I do know this…
I’ve been wrecked from the Writers Conference and even now, almost a month later, I’m still trying to digest all God allowed me to see while I was there.
It’s a fairly exciting and somewhat scary place to be, but I have no doubt that I’m learning more and more how to be the me He created me to be
and that, my friends, is pretty awesome!
How about you?
Have you ever had something like this happen?
Maybe it wasn’t a big dramatic event but in the course of something you had been looking forward to God showed up and carefully showed you something unexpected.
I’d love to hear about it…
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