Word Filled Wednesday ~ The Star

Welcome to Word Filled Wednesday…what an amazing week we are blessed to be a part of. 
We are just days away from the birth of our Savior and as we prepare our hearts to receive all the richness of His love this Christmas I wanted to take a minute and share this verse with you.
Actually my youngest son Bailey did this week’s Word Filled Wednesday, isn’t it awesome?
What a beautiful reminder that the wise men came seeking the King.
They went searching for Him,
they followed the star,
then they worshiped Him.
Isn’t that exactly what we should do?
Search for Him,
Follow Him,
Worship Him.
This Christmas take time to not only celebrate the birth of Jesus, 
but also what He’s been doing in your life as well.

Merry Christmas sweet sisters!

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We pray that WFW can be a place where women can come for a bit of visual inspiration and encouragement from the Father.

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