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Craving Normal?
By: Lisa Nelson

 Is there ever a day called “normal”, ordinary? 

It seems, that very few of our days, ever go along just as planned. There always seems to be that “blurp” in our routines. As moms, its how we handle those, that can “set the tone”, for our homes and families, for the day.  Everyone can fall to fray, but mom!

God says in his word, that enough are the struggles and trials of the day, so why worry about tomorrow. (This is true, but me, I can’t help but worry, just a little Lord.) Where is ordinary? What is…ordinary? For me it seems that ordinary is learning how to handle, when the extra has come at us!

It seems that as moms, wives, homemakers, workers, we spend what ever it takes, to take care of our “outside” selves, while our insides, fall to pieces! I know I couldn’t make it a day, without the Lord in my life, and yet, that does not take the extras out of my path.

Handling them, God and I, is the learning process. Ladies, we need to take our selves for spiritual sauna’s, as well as physical. We need to bask in Gods presence, like we would a tanning bed. (And we seem to make our time, for that) or I have.

God’s presence is there for us to relax in, but we have to draw away into it! Set aside what you need to, and start your day in Gods Word. It alone is your strength, to face those unexpected things that you will surely come to! In myself, I am, weak, but through Him, I am strong.

Might I suggest a study in the Word? Try to do a “theme” study, for example, Faith, Trust, etc… Pick one that you perhaps need more now, and study that. Look up all the Word you can find on it, and stand! This will give you more inward strength than you can realize! It empowers your spirit man to handle what comes your way! 

Second, or first or wrapped together, is Prayer. It needs to be first and last in our days. No matter what, no excuses, for we need the strength drawn from it! Again, I suggest, keeping a “journal” of your prayers. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, a simple notebook will do. 

This will give you a chance to write your prayers, and see firsthand, how many of those we lift up, are answered and to give thanks! (Sometimes, we overlook all that is good…in our lives!) Sometimes, our humanity causes us to “dwell” on the bad instead of being thankful for what we do have!  I love to write, so for me, it’s a neat outlet, but even if you do not it’ll help you to realize Gods hand in your life! Make one section requests and one section for prayers answered and Thanksgiving!

You can go from ordinary to extra ordinary days, just by planning to comfort your inner self as much as we pamper our outer selves. We do our nails, our hair, we tan, we get massages, and yet, we don’t massage our spirit man!  Then we are flattened by the days, that don’t go as planned. Instead of being over comers, we’re undertaken. 

Do you crave the normal? Well, if you never see but one day a week, of normal, create your atmosphere to keep your sanity! Gals don’t be overwhelmed find your “you”…spirit time! And re-gain the ordinary…even when it’s not in view! 

Blessings and oops, the coffee maker is still on! LOL Oh well! ~ Lisa Nelson

A Little Bit About Lisa: Mother of two sons, 17 and 20 both who are in Christian ministries in our home church. Happily married, and involved in our home church with my husband, who is an usher at the church. I am the Local Missions rep there, I speak for Women’s meetings and churches. I am currently working on a book of poetry and recipes! I love taking outdoor pictures of Gods scenery all around us! Busy, doesn’t touch it sometimes! But God is so good! I love blogging; it is my outlet for writing! I hunt, fish, hike, and camp! Yes hunt! Have since I was a young girl! http://faithonthemountains.blogspot.com/ <~ This is my link to my blog! Love to have you along!
Thank you so much Lisa for sharing the importance of taking care of ourselves through our time with the Lord.  Prayer and journal are absolutely huge and can enrich your time with Him so many times over.  I am so thankful for you taking the time to share your heart today!

Right now I’m looking for Godly Gals to share their story, their life, their ministry with us in March, April, and May 2011.  If you’ve been thinking about submitting something for the Godly Gals series, then I’d love to challenge you to step your foot into the water and watch what God does with it.

Just send me an email at melsworldministry {at} gmail {dot} com and I’ll send you a copy of the submission guidelines.  All it takes is that first step…

I’d love to hear from you!

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