Dude, Where Did the Last Two Weeks Go?

 Um, is it me or did something happen to the last two weeks?
It seems they have just zipped right by me and has left me dazed and confused.
Ok, so that’s not entirely too far off from normal for me, 
but for real, I blinked and it is two weeks later.
Oh…I remember…
it all started with my youngest getting sick with mono, 
then I went to Nashville, TN for a few days with Women of Faith for All Access
came home and got knocked over the head with my own cooties, 
then went to Orlando for the Catalyst One Day conference…
and now hubby is catching the cooties too.

When it rains it pours…right?
Thankfully I am clinging to this instead… 
When it pours, He reigns!
Looking forward to catching up with each and every one of you soon!  
There are so many a-ma-zing things to share with you…very soon…promise!
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