Starving For Encouragement

Everywhere I turn I see people walking by, heads down, going about their day.  There’s no smile on their face, no spring in their step and no chance they are going to make eye contact.   
Why is that?
When did we become so inwardly focused?
Are we afraid of putting ourselves out there?
As a people watcher by nature it always intrigues me…what is it that makes people tick?  I also watch this happen at church, people come in, get their usual seat, stand, clap, sing, sit, then pick up their stuff and leave. 
Oh, it just breaks my heart.  I want to grab them and hug them and make it all better, but let’s face it, that will make a difference, but it isn’t enough.  I truly believe that people are starving for encouragement.  Not the flippant “Hey, you’re awesome”, but the real, true encouragement of a friend.
As women of faith, we should have our eyes open to see these under encouraged people in our lives.  They are at our church, in our community group, in our women’s group, in our neighborhoods, in our car lines, in the grocery store, they are all around us.

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