Godly Gals ~ Sarah Schieber

 Work To Build a Foundation
By: Sarah Schieber
 Oh, Godly Gals!  WHAT do you do when your whole life comes crashing down around you?  Hold tight to Jesus . . . and rest in Him!

On October 6th, 2007 I was living the American dream!  Happily married, three wonderful children, our careers were solid and our ministry was about to take off!

On October 7th, my entire life came crashing down around me when my beloved, healthy, 35-year-old husband collapsed and died as we were running the Chicago Marathon.  No warning.  No second chance.  No goodbye.

I was instantly thrust into a life I didn’t want and I certainly hadn’t asked for.  A 33-year-old widow and single mama to three young kids.  Job 3:25 says, “What I feared has come upon me; what I dreaded has happened to me.”  Yep!  I was now living Job 3:25.

The questions we faced were enormous . . . “Why?”  “Mama, is Daddy a skeleton yet?”  “Mama, who did this?  Did Satan take Daddy . . . or did God?”  In the midst of all those questions, the unending painful emotions, and the anger (yes . . . I DID say anger!), the foundation of my life came to the rescue.

Do you know what the purpose of a foundation of a home is?  It is there to disperse the weight of the load put on it.  Friends!  Christ is our foundation!  He is here to disperse the weight of this Earthly life!  Please!  Work to build a foundation.  Be a lover of God today, so that when Job 3:25 happens in your life, God can be a lover of you . . . You will so badly need His sustaining power and grace.  

You will have NONE to give yourself.  Trials are hard.  Most times you can’t see the end of your nose through all that pain and questioning.  God can!  He specializes in it!  He has the answers AND the strength . . . so all you need to do is rest.  Rest in Him.  He is so very, very faithful and a rock solid foundation!  

To learn more about my journey through grief . . . please visit my website at www.sarahschieber.com.  My blog is available right there on my website.  I haven’t blogged in a LONG time because my kids and I have been through yet another HUGE trial.  In just a week or two I will be making a BIG announcement on my blog.  After that . . . I will be back to blogging!  I can’t wait!  

Sarah Schieber is a nationally known singer, songwriter, and speaker whose songs can be heard on over 300 radio stations across the U.S. and Canada.  Sarah encourages audiences with her gripping and transparent story of tragedy and God’s unending faithfulness.  

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Sweet Sarah, thank you so much for sharing your heart and story with us so transparently today, while at the same time gently guiding us to our Rock, our Redeemer. What a blessing you are and I am so very thankful for the chance to get to know you better through our amazing LeadHer journey.
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