Praise & Coffee Magazine ~ Summer 2011

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Here’s a peek at what’s inside…
Praise & Coffee Talk
* First Praise & Coffee Night in New Hampshire
* Out of the Book Praise & Coffee Night ~ Florida
* Introducing National Director for Praise & Coffee Nights
* Praise & Coffee Cooks
* Praise & Coffee Runs
* A Mother’s Prayer
* This is My Story
* Loving a Child with Autism
In Every Issue

* From the Editors
* Fashion Cafe with Big Mama *new*
* Things We Love!
* For Caffeinated Moms Like You
* Lessons From Lauren
There really is something for every woman in each issue! Click Praise & Coffee Magazine, grab your coffee and get ready to enjoy an incredible magazine! 
Ohhh…guess what! If you want to get a print copy you can do that now too…just click here! The print copy costs a little money, but if you want to get it you can. As always the digital copy is FREE!
Great job Sue and Denise…it is fab-u-lous, as always!
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