A Blessed Guest with Joanne Kraft ~ Choosing to Seek Joy on the Journey

Hey there sweet sisters!
This summer has been a whirlwind of adventures, excitement, challenges and so much more. I have been traveling a lot, helping my kids travel a lot (two missions trips, Haiti and Guatemala, and student camp), and helping my husband with his crazy travel schedule (he was gone 28 out of 39 days)  this summer and am just now getting out from under the craziness called my inbox.
Over the next few weeks I’ll be catching y’all up with life here in Mel’s World. I have so much to share with you…from the trip to Haiti (where my two boys and husband went), the trip to Guatemala with Compassion International (my youngest son and my husband went) to do some mission work and visit with our Compassion children (Ericka and Luis), and the exciting things coming up for Mel’s World this fall.
Until then, I have some posts that I would love to share with you from some of my visits with my friends and quite a few book reviews to catch up on too. I pray you are blessed by each of these posts and look forward to connecting with you more now that we are all in one zip code again.
Bunches of Hugs,
Melissa  ~ Mel’s World

Over the last few years my family has had more than our fair share of storms in our life, some of them small and some of them downright unbearable. There were days when I thought that we were drowning in the midst of the stuff that was going on around us, but even when those storms were threatening to take us under there was still joy in my heart.

You see, choosing to seek the joy is a conscious decision to say that no matter what comes my way I will stand firm in Him. Certainly not because of the circumstances in my life, but because choosing to SEEK the JOY on this journey called life brings Him glory.

To find out more about seeking joy on the journey, click here ~>  JOY on the Journey

Also, you might remember Joanne from the book review I did on her new book called “Just Too Busy ~ Taking Your Family on a Radical Sabbatical“. Make sure to check out her site, she’s a beautiful friend on the inside and out and I know you will be blessed by getting to know her!

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