When They’re Almost Ready to Leave ~ Guest Post at the MOB Society

Guest Post over at The M.O.B Society

We live life ready for an adventure. Each day is full of rough housing, dirt, climbing trees, legos, dinosaurs, and critters. Laundry is never quite finished and you can never be sure what you might find in your rambunctious little ones’ pockets.
There has been no greater joy or adventure in my life than being mom to my two boys. While they were little, I spent most of my time playing the role of referee, taxi driver and boo-boo fixer.
I miss those days. Life seemed simpler then…sure, it was hectic, having little boys always is, but the sweet simplicity of a hug & kiss would make things better for them, now that they are older I have found out that the old wives tale is actually true, “little kids little problems, big kids big problems”.
The boys are as different as night and day and there are times I wonder how they could have come from the same two parents and be so completely opposite. There is, however, one thing that they both have in common, and that is that my husband and I have always done our best to raise godly men. It was not always easy but after years of planting (1 Corinthians 3:6); we are starting to see the fruit of all the hard work.

Today they are fifteen and seventeen, a sophomore and a senior, and I have to stop and pinch myself at times.  
How did they get so big so fast? 
Where did the time go? 
What happened to my precious little boys?
Now we are preparing for the next phase of the great adventure of raising godly men…girlfriends. Yes, I said it. We are wading through the waters of dating with both of our boys and as much as I would like to keep them seven and nine years old the truth of the matter is that they are almost men.
We are teaching them that they “date” to find a “mate” and that there are boundaries set up from us and from God so that they can experience the richness of being pure for their future bride. Yes, we know, it goes completely against what the world is telling them, but our goal has always been to equip them to be the men God created them to be.
Our time while they are at home is on the backward countdown…to be continued over at the M.O.B Society…
Mothers of Boys

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