Godly Gals, His Hands by Jennifer Travis

His Hands
By: Jennifer Travis
We humans are such a weak race. Yet we convince ourselves that we’re in control and that we’re strong enough to do it all alone– all while we spend most of our time cleaning off our cuts and scrapes from daily trips and falls leaving us face-first on the ground. We convince ourselves that our ways are upright, even though it’s been proven otherwise over and over. Our sinful stubbornness limits us by keeping us from admitting that our ways do not work– for far too long.

But then He touches us. It’s a new kind of touch. We start to see more clearly. Our backward ways, little by little, become more obvious and it gets harder to deny. In turn we slowly give up parts of ourselves– craving more of His touch.

His strong, warm and loving hands are always on us, even when we don’t feel them. He’s always working in our lives, shaping our circumstances into His plan. He touches every piece of clay, without missing any detail. His hand is in every aspect of our lives long before He saves us, shaping and molding for something more beautiful than we can imagine. He see’s the finished piece long before He has begun His work.

His level of love is so far above any human definition that we can’t fully wrap our minds around just how great He is. His hands touch every single thing on this earth—every person and everything aspect of nature. The beauty of the things He’s made reflect a level of love that no human can fathom. We’re so fortunate that He didn’t just make us and step aside. He’s always there, always touching something in our lives, or in us. His loving hands are never idle.

He stands, both hands extended toward us, waiting for each of us to ask. He wants us to seek Him, to reach out and take His hand. And when we do, we experience miracles that change us forever– leaving us thirsting for more of Him.

I encourage you to seek Him, ask Him to light your path daily. Ask Him to touch your heart. Not only can He handle all of our circumstances and needs, but He wants to. His hands are strong enough, and He’s willing. Just ask.

Jennifer Travis is married to her best friend, Chris. They have three children—Kearney (12), Isaiah (3) and Juliette (1). Jennifer and her family live in Louisiana, where she works as a curriculum designer. She enjoys knitting, reading, making memories with her family and of course, writing for her blog  http://travisinbloom.blogspot.com.
What a beautiful picture of how much He loves us…thank you so much Jennifer for these wonderful words today. It is such a sweet gift to get to know you and have you join us on this Godly Gals adventure!
Real Women, Real Life, Real Faith is what this series is all about…have you ever wondered if you might be a good fit for this Godly Gals series? 
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