Humbled and In Awe

For weeks now I have been working with an extremely dedicated and passionate team to get things ready for the upcoming South Florida Praise & Coffee Night. Tomorrow night is almost here…and yet I am smack dab in the face of something deeply moving.
I am completely humbled and in awe.
No, nothing super amazing or anything like that happened today.
Just simply sitting here tonight.
Listening to “epic soundtracks” on Pandora, because for some reason it really helps me to focus when I write and create, it hit me…again.
I am nothing.
Absolutely nothing.
Without the saving grace of my Savior.
This message tomorrow night is going to be 100% real.
Emotionally vulnerable for me,
and I just have to tell you that it scares the bee-jeezus out of me.
The message I am going to share tomorrow night is not going to be incredibly profound,
but simply bits and pieces of the journey that He has had me on, and if I am even more real with you…because He is flat out making me share it.
So…here I go…

laying it all out on the line tomorrow night,

that the time is now.
I am humbled and in awe that He would take a cracked pot like me and use me for anything in ministry still astounds me.
I’m putting feet where my mouth is and going to “take my everyday, ordinary life and placing it as my offering to Him“.

Thankfully in the end, His is really the only opinion that matters most to me.

Just shooting straight from the heartMelissa

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