Calling All Moms! It’s Time to Check Out Mom Time TV /Radio

Hello friends…I have been meaning to tell you about this fantastic resource for months and keep on forgetting to post it online for you to check out.

I’ll blame it on being 40 now…or my “Dory”-like tendencies, but either way today is the day that you find out a little more about MOM TIME TV!

I’ve been a part of the radio show for a few months now and each time I walk away with little nuggets of wisdom that I can apply to my own family right that very day!

You’re not in this alone moms…come and listen in, you’ll be so glad you did!

Today we’re talking about HELICOPTER PARENTING!

Buckle up, this could be a very interesting discussion!

MON FEB 6, 2012


with your host Sharon Girodo

Call & Join the Moms!


Our parenting styles are very different from our own parents, which is a good thing because times have changed and we go a little farther to keep our kids safe. But how far is too far? Are we keeping our kids safer by watching over them every minute? And when is it ok to let go? We are hovering. So what is that doing to our children?



Here’s a little bit about Mom Time TV;

Mom Time TV is all about moms. The things we do, the things we think, the decisions we make and what makes us tick. There is a great spirit of pride in being a mom, but it doesn’t come without fear, failure and fatigue. And the endless question…am I doing this right? Am I the best mom I can be? Can I overcome this mistake or that one?

We’re always pregnant with the perfect child and we have perfect plans to be the perfect parent. But it’s not long after our child arrives that we realize it’s not nearly everything we thought it would be. And so we go on…acting like we’re perfect but frustrated by our flaws, looking good on the outside and holding some measure of misery inside.

We’re women…we talk. It’s a scientific fact that that’s the key to our happiness (and survival). But often when we become moms our base of friends changes or disappears. If we’ve left jobs, we’ve also left our comfort zone and our fellow commiserators. And we’re often alone.

Mom Time TV is a resource for all moms. A safe place to laugh and share, form friendships, compare notes and figure out how to do a better job at the most important job we will ever have. How do we put good, happy, confident kids out in the world to have their own good, happy, confident kids? How do we start a revolution of moms taking pride in what they are doing to make this a better world?

Mom Time TV is all about talk, stories, what worked, what didn’t. Knowing we’re not alone and accepting help from each other along the way. Taking refuge in the force rather than the farce. Living the life and loving it, because we’re not alone.

The Mom Time TV radio show is comprised of all different moms with all different experiences sharing our stories, successes, failures and allowing the listener/participant to decide if it makes sense to them and what to pick up on versus what to leave behind. Because we’re all different…and our decisions are all based on our own facts. A lively, fun discussion of motherhood and making it as a mom.

Here’s a link to the previous podcasts, I am sure that there are many on there that you will enjoy and learn from. These are REAL moms…just like YOU.

Sharing our stories, our hurts, our expectations, our reality…by moms for moms!

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