Wiggled His Way Into Our Heart

Six weeks ago, in the midst of all the ministry season craziness, end of the year madness and my oldest son’s high school graduation (more on this in another post…so much to tell), my husband, who I have known and loved for twenty years, walked into the house with this puppy.

He had been abandoned, was scared, lonely and in need of a home. In the twenty years I have known my hubby he has never (ever, ever) done anything like this…but he just had a feeling that this dog was supposed to be ours.

We tentatively said that we would keep him “for a few days” to try him out with our family, then went about our regular day to day chaos. 

Little did we know that with each passing day this little guy was actually wiggling his way into our hearts, and now, six weeks later, we can’t imagine life without him.

This is our dog, Duke! 

He is the baby of the family, our 3rd son and just about the sweetest little puppy on the planet. He’s still a puppy, and we’ve not had a dog in years (like 15 years at least), but we’ve expanded our hearts and he took it right away from us.

Who would have thought that six weeks ago that “feeling” that he belonged with our family would turn out to be one of the biggest blessings ever!

PS – We have a kitty too, his name is Willy. 
Willy has been with us for 10 years…needless to say he thinks the puppy is way over rated, but deep down we know Willy likes him too!
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