(Here are some thoughts I had while I was hanging on the BEach in Sanibel for the day over Labor Day weekend)

Today I have officially spent 6 hours of my life in a HOT PINK reclinable beach chair (with a pillow). As I sit here the sun is beginning its decent into the last hour of daylight. it is absolutely beautiful sitting here. My toes are curled up in the sand, the wind is blowing my hair everywhere (not a pretty sight), and I am just in awe of the openness of the ocean.

It totally blows me away…God has so many details…I mean, He has thought of everything…even sea weed?!?!?!?…who, but other than God could and would come up with something like that? It humbles me while I sit here (with the sea weed) and enjoy all of God’s creativity.

Here’s what I notice while I watch…I will NEVER, and I mean ever, be as good or creative as God. I think I always knew that, but in this moment I feel as small as the grains of sand in between my toes. And although the “old” me would throw my hands up and give up, the new me, the me that God has given so much grace and mercy to, says “keep going Melissa”. So, as I watch my kids dig a hole in the sand (that is SO DEEP it has already hit the water table) I say to myself…YES I CAN!!!

Thank you Jesus for giving me such an awesome day hanging with YOU…amen!