Bad Blogger…well, I have officially commited a BIG blog no-no…I have written a random thought in about 8 days…YIKES!!!

No, seriously, my family & I went out of town to Sanibel, FL this past weekend, and guess what??? The place we stayed at, although completely beautiful and amazing, only had DIAL UP…can you imagine??? Needless to say, I didn’t log on AT ALL (that never happens).

But…while in Sanibel I did learn a few things…getting back to work after vacation is almost as much work as it is getting ready for vacation. Come on, think about it…you spend countless hours getting ready to go, preparing everything at work, changing your voice mail, forwarding your emails, getting the consummate OMT (One More Thing) done, then you go away and hopefully relax, but as soon as you get home…BAM!!!…you better be ready to hit the ground running again. There are countless emails to reply to, unlimited phone calls that need to be returned, and the pile of mail that completely covers your desk. It’s enough to make you wonder WHY did I go on vacation??? Hang with me on this one…the cool thing I learned is this…there is NOT another thing I could imagine doing with my life (other than speaking for Women of Faith) than being in full time ministry. It is the most rewarding and gut-wrenching job I have ever been a part of…I can’t even begin to think what else I might do that could match so perfectly with the gifts and talents that God has given me.

Here’s what I know…as much as I dislike (we are not allowed to say HATE in my family) coming back from vacation to the piles of “stuff” I know that God has me RIGHT WHERE HE WANTS ME for “such a time as this”. How stinkin cool is that? So, if you are reading this right now grab ahold of that thought…He has YOU right where HE wants you to be…so hold on tight…it might be a bumpy ride, but He is right there with YOU!

I will share a post with you later from my journal that I wrote in while I did the BEACH BUM thing all day long on Saturday, September 2nd. Stay tuned…