Who Do You Cry For?

Starting October 21st Flamingo Road Church will be kicking off TEARS – Who will you cry for? It is going to be an amazing spiritual growth time for everyone involved. We have set up an awesome blog for you to go to so that YOU can write your TEARS story. Go to http://www.whaticryfor.com right now and read how God has moved mountains in the hearts, minds, and souls of so many of our brothers and sisters in Christ.

Here is what I wrote on the TEARS blog:

God has been such a ROCK for my family this past year. We weathered one of the worst storms of our life last year when our 11 year old woke up one morning before school having Grand Mal seizures. Fear, Panic, Pain, Anxiety…you name it I went through it while I waited for the ambulance to get to my house and help me. I never stopped for one second and thought to scream for God. Our son was airlifted to Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital where he ended up staying in the PICU (Pediatric Intensive Care Unit) for 51 days. What started out as a completely normal day went south in a matter of minutes…but what happened during those 51 days is nothing short of a miracle.God came, walked on water, gave us a peace and comfort that could only come from Him, during our storm, and saved our son. We grew SO much as a family and as Christians while our son, Nick, was in the hospital. We were surrounded by our brothers and sisters in Christ, we were bathed in prayer, we covered his room with Bible Verses, and we had a daily supply of friends, family, and loved ones from FRC.

Nick is so much better now, and we are coming up to the one year anniversary [Friday, October 6th is ONE YEAR!!!]of the day he was finally released from the hospital (Praise God!). God has never been so real and so close to me as He was while I spent days and nights talking to Him, praying to Him, crying to Him, and begging Him for a miracle. Now I don’t cry for my son…I cry for each and every one of those families that are weathering a storm similiar to ours. The families that have sick or hurt children that are trying to go through it without the only One who can actually make things better for them. I cry for them to have a relationship with the GREAT PHYSICIAN…Matt & I have joined the hospital as members of their parent advisory council…we pray that God will use this door to help us meet families who need Him now more than ever.

Thank You Jesus for your grace and mercy!