We cry for our kids…

Every weekend I get the honor and priveledge to serve the Preschoolers at Flamingo Road Church, and every weekend we get our fair share of TEARS in the ministry…but I have to tell you this, as many TEARS as I see with the kids, I see MORE TEARS coming from the parents!

We are currently in the middle of a series at FRC called ECHO and we have a moment during the worship were people in the congregation can come up and pray with one of the Pastor’s and their wives. When we first did this 3 weeks ago we had very few people come forward and ask for prayer, and this weekend we had a line of people who wanted to pray. Can I tell you how humbling it is to be used by God to intervene on someone’s behalf and pray for them? It is overwhelming and exhilerating at the same time (I LOVE MY JOB!!!).

Well…here is what had been the common thread in almost 90% of the prayer requests that have come my way…MY KIDS! My kids are in crisis, my kids are far from God, my kids need more of me, my kids are hurting, my kids are struggling…MY KIDS…I weep when I think of how many parents are struggling and praying for THEIR KIDS.

It breaks my heart to hear these requests, and yet, as a parent, I KNOW how bad they hurt. But…I also know that we have a heavenly Father who loves OUR KIDS even more than we do (I know, it is hard to imagine, but He does!) and He weeps with us and counts every tear we shed for OUR KIDS.

So, if you are sending up prayers to God for YOUR KIDS know this…He is hearing EVERY SINGLE one of them!!! Stay Strong…YOUR KIDS are worth it!!!

Praying for each of you, Melissa

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  1. Last night my son and I had family night and although we had to run a couple of errands (need those pj’s)our time was mostly centered on creating a monkey for a school project. While getting “crafty” we got to laugh talk about life, God, even got Grandpa to help. As we were sitting there it hit me just how precious this time with my son is and how blessed we are to have the opportunity each week at Flamingo to love on God’s children. I know first hand how Flamingo can influence a life and am truly humbled that God would use us to teach this world’s future of His AMAZING love. My prayer is that we never lose sight it is for His Glory and not our own. So Mel keep praying for those mothers, fathers, children and families holding them as they cry in the process you are shining God’s AWESOME light!! I love you and serving in this ministry. Have a great Wednesday and remember PRESCHOOL ROCKS !!!!

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