From Blaa…to Aha!

Did you ever get home from your day and were SO exhausted mentally that you couldn’t do anything but exhale and collapse on the bed? Seriously…sometimes you just have a day where all you want to do is crawl (slowly) into bed and wake up again the next day. Hopefully you will wake up and it will all just be, well…BETTER.

That was my day today…not that it was a bad day, as a matter of fact it was a great day. We had such a touching and challenging staff meeting today, I met with friends for lunch, I have the BEST volunteer team on the whole stinkin’ planet (really…Preschool Volunteers ROCK!), and did I tell you that I LOVE my job??? 😉 It’s just some days really zap it out of you…I guess I need to manage my energy (right Troy?) a little better.

When I got home I was laying down trying to gather all my thoughts when I received a phone call from one of my volunteers. She is always great about encouraging me and challenging me at the same time…don’t you just love people like that? After we spoke I went downstairs and hung out with my family and then we decided to watch a movie together…that is one of my FAVORITE ways to unwind when I am at home (I love the HALLMARK channel…I know, I am SUCH a girl!).

We sat down, as a family, ordered pizza, and watched the Starbuck’s movie, “Akeelah and the Bee“. Can I just tell you that it was such an awesome movie…my youngest was CLAPPING when it was over. Well…talking with a good friend, hanging with my family, and watching a great movie have totally taken away the “blues” and the “blaas” from my day.

I will post the BEST quote ever from the movie later on…you are going to love it. But, guess what…I am going to USE it, tape it at my home office, hang it in my work office, and really take it to heart…I will share it…tomorrow…

Be encouraged…if you have had a “BLAA” day know this…sometimes we have to go through the Blaa’s to get to the Aha! (Another Melissa Mashburnism) Have a great night!