Books, Books, Everywhere!

Books are a PASSION of mine!!! The problem is that I tend to go a little nuts with the amount of books that I have. Does that make sense? I mean, really? But, here’s the fact…I firmly believe that books (and information) are the gateway to personal growth.

I have a little saying that I am always telling the girls on my Leadership Team, “If you are not reading you are not growing, and if you are not growing you are not going anywhere!” (Melissa Mashburn”ism”)

Here’s a little sampling of what I am currently reading: The Bible (I am going through the Psalms right now), Daily Steps for God Chicks, by Holly Wagner (90 Day Devotional), Visioneering, by Andy Stanley (reading it for the 2nd time – with my Dream Team), 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership, by John Maxwell, The Secret Life of Becky Miller, by Sharon Hinck (have to throw in a novel every once in awhile), You Don’t Need a Title to be a Leader, by Mark Sanborn, and last, but not least, Margin (ha…kind of funny that it is the last book on the list), by Richard Swenson.

So now that you know what I am reading…what are you reading??? Shoot me a comment with the title and author of the book (or books if you are like me) that you are reading. I am always on the “look out” for my next read!!!

Keeping my nose in the book! Melissa


  1. Just started God Chicks (thanks to Janet), I’m half way through Your Best Life Now and just starting Joyce Meyer’s The Confident Woman and of course the bible (just started I Samuel…
    I have the POSITIVE thinking theme going on- looks like you have a leadership theme!

  2. OK the no new blog posting is killing me, regardless of what that other blogger pastor whose name I will not mention (bv) says, I look forward to your posts. So currently I am reading Visioneering by Andy Stanley with the best team ever (don’t tell Matt I said that), The B-I-B-L-E in the a.m., I read Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss for fun,try to stay away from the magazines at the grocery counter and my next book will be The Next Generation Leader (Andy Stanley).I am also sure that shortly I will be receiving a book from my faithful leader to grow me some more which I totally appreciate because these books challange me to better in all aspects of life. Thanks for being a great maestra (teacher in espanol) Love ya !!

  3. I love books too!!! You should see my room. I can’t help but buy book. I spent a portion of my life in Virginia before going to Liberty, an while I was there I went to almost every Fall Festival all the different little towns had to offer. So most of the book stores and Librarys were having book sales. Oh, come on now, books for 10 cents?!? how can you pass that up. to make a long story short, I have BOOKS and haven’t read the majority of them. I know its bad, but I sometimes wish to get sick or bed ridden so that I would just sit a read. When I lived in Va there was nothing to do, but here theres too many distractions.

    I too am reading Psalms, but tonite I will finish it leaving it a lot more underlined and noted than when I started.

    I love you and your blogs!!!

  4. Stacey…thanks for your kind words! I would have to agree with you on buying the books for 10 cents. When the kids were little I used to go to the library close outs to buy them books for us to read together!

    Hope you enjoyed the Psalms as much as I am right now…

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