Sunday night we had our IMPACT meeting (Improving Ministry & Leadership Skills for Preschool And Children’s Volunteers Today!) where we talked about Tears – Total Impact! I co-lead the meeting with our Children’s Ministry Director, Charlotte Allison. It was a God filled night of quiet reflection and spiritual renewal.

We spoke of the BIG THREE things that they needed to walk away with from this meeting…1) Operation Orange (The Parent/Church Connection) our ministry focus for 2007, 2) New Curriculum Switch in January 2007 (Preschool is going to www.myfirstlook.com and Children’s are going to www.252basics.com ), and 3) Christmas at FRC and all our multi-site locations.

Holly Guyon got up and spoke about her amazing God story (the miracle healing of her husband, Pete). Thanks Holly for sharing from your heart…you ROCK girl! There was NOT a dry eye in the place…then we showed the TEARS video, and to follow it up Pastor Troy came in and spoke about the IMPACT that TEARS is going to have on our church (all the campuses) and on our ministries. He wrapped up an awesome night with a heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone who serves the children (preschool and children’s ministries) of Flamingo Road Church.

It truly was an awe inspiring, God filled night…I am thankful to all who were there. God Bless!


  1. Melissa,

    Thanks for your dedication and hard work for the preschool. Flamingo Road has NEVER had anyone do this like you are doing it. No matter what God has for you for the rest of your life… just know that the impact of this goes beyond anything you could ever imagine. Preschool rocks because of you.


  2. Thanks Brian…that means a whole lot to me coming from you…you were hanging at FRC before the thought of ministry ever popped in my head. Thanks for the awesome work that you do and the impact you make through tv.

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