Facing The Giants!

We have been wanting to watch the movie “Facing the Giants” since we heard about it’s release a month ago. It is a Christian movie about facing your fears and going against the odds with God on your side. Unfortunately it never open up in South Florida where we live…

Luckily we are in Alabama and they are totally LOVING this movie…we went out for a nice BBQ lunch and then off to see the movie. I wish so badly that it would be something that could be seen by our friends and family down in South Florida…we NEED it down there. This movie has a story, it has teeth, and it has faith. It does not have a major movie star in it but it has grit. We laughed, we cried, and we walked away encouraged…how many movies have you been to that you can say that about?

If you get a chance to watch this movie, buy a copy, rent it, whatever you can do…I would really like to encourage you to do so. This movie was written by one of the Pastors at a church in Albany, Ga. and can really make an impact if you open your heart to it.