Happy Fall Y’all

I totally and completely LOVE the FALL season! We are on our annual pilgrimage to Alabama to visit my husband’s family. It is so great to be able to “step away” from things for a little while and rest and reflect.

Family is a BIG part of who I am and I couldn’t be more blessed to be a part of the Mashburn crew. They truly are a wonderful group of people!!!

Monday afternoon we packed up, grabbed the kids from school, and drove to Lake City, FL. It was pretty non-eventful, thankfully, and then yesterday we left Lake City and headed on to Alabama. We got a little side tracked in Locust Grove, GA where they have an awesome Outlet Mall there. We went to the Bible outlet (my favorite place) and the Aeropostle outlet (my oldest favorite place). Ha!

As we drove in I couldn’t get over how absolutely beautiful it is to see the leaves change colors, the leaves fall, and the crisp 45 degree weather. God is so creative…

Take some time today to step outside and check out the wonders that God creates for you and each every day…don’t take them for granted, I know I sometimes do.

Check back with you tomorrow…Melissa