Christmas is Coming…

It is officially 35 days until Christmas and I can not wait!!!

Every year we take a Preschool Ministry Leadership Christmas Photo and some how manage to turn it into a special gift for our volunteer team!!!

This year we went ALL around campus took pictures…this is one of my favorite pictures for two reasons. 1) Everyone looks great in the picture, and 2) it totally highlights one of our newest satellite campuses…FRC SAWGRASS.

This is one of the MOST exciting times of the year and it is neat to see how God is usuing SO many different people to accomplish HIS goal of reaching South Florida! Go God!


  1. OK! So I wasn’t there! Even though I come in during the service & leave before its over, I’m finally starting to feel a part of all of you! I’m there for my “baby fix” but now I”m realizing I’m there for all of you as well. I come out of the babies room encouraged 100% of time. With everything going on in my life, I feel blessed to be a part of the preschool ministry. Both you & Janet are such an inspiration….not to mention Roslyn & Michelle! You guys rock
    Happy Thanksgiving! Janette Kerr

  2. Janette, your bright smile and get it done attitude are such a blessing to me and this ministry! Thanks for stepping up and stepping into such an awesome team! Melissa

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